Multi Function Training Lead


The new Long Paws Multi-Function Rope Training Lead has been made with the active pet in mind.  The lead has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines quality and comfort in a new and unique package. 

The lead has been made from woven rope, and includes lightweight, high strength locking karabiner clips, that attach easily and lock shut with a slide of the latch.

The rope has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging. 

Length: 190cm / 78in

Rope thickness: 1.0cm

Clips: Lightweight locking

Strength tested to: 180kg 

​Designs: ​Grey


The Multi-Function Lead:

 - has 5 length options allowing either freedom to move or close control;

 - can be used over the shoulder for hands-free walking;

 - can be used as a coupler lead to walk two dogs; and

 - is the perfect tether to secure your dog while you're relaxing.

Locking clips on the leads, Swivel action, Safety lock to prevent dogs run-aways- Karabiner style clip to easily attach the lead to the harness or collar.