• Comfort Slip Lead


    The Long Paws Comfort Leads have been made with the active pet in mind.  The range has been manufactured to the highest safety standards and combines quality and comfort in a new and unique package. 


    The Slip Lead is a rope lead, made using the same ultra strong materials as our Comfort Rope Leads, but rather than having a collar/harness clip, the slip leash can be placed directly over the dog's neck, without needing a collar.

    The handle of the Slip Lead has soft neoprene padding, preventing rope burn from tugging dogs.  The rope has a small amount of spring that absorbs the initial pull shock, and makes the leads comfortable to use whether you're out walking or jogging. 


    Length: 150cm / 59in

    Rope thickness: 1.2cm

    Strength tested to: 240kg 

    ​Designs: ​Grey

    • Adjustable Slip Leash to fit most dogs

    • Soft comfortable rope

    • Safety catch to avoid choking

    • Figure 8 Safety catch can be used to shape an anti-pull face harness